Removal of asbestos

Industrial construction services for rebar concrete structures

Assembly of pre-fabricated rebar concrete structures

Scoping studies and location studies

Programme and spatial concept studies

Feasibility studies

Pre-privatisation studies

Reports, analyses and consulting services for heating energy

Environment protection services


3D scanning

LV electric power supply and lighting maintenance services

Data and phone wiring maintenance services

LV apparatus maintenance services

Measurement and control works of station and dispatch telemechanics, electrical measurements

Relocation, disassembly, packaging and assembly of industrial devices, complete processing lines and plants in various industrial sectors (sugar mills, power plants, paper mills, chemical plants, cement mills, metallurgical industry)

Technical assistance for industrial construction

Optimisation and reduction of consumption of materials in a project

System structures with facilities:



fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators




Lifting structures – cranes (including harbour cranes)

Support structures for process lines and pipelines

Offshore structures (support structures for wind turbines, offshore platforms)

Radar and antenna platforms

Anti-corrosion treatment of steel products:

hot-dip galvanising according to PN-EN ISO 1461 standard

hydrodynamic painting according to PN-EN ISO 12944 standard

zinc spray metalizing according to PN-EN ISO 2063 standard

mechanical cleaning (grit blasting) according to PN-EN ISO 8501-1 standard

Structural steelwork for marine & offshore sector

Structural steelwork for oil platforms, underwater structures and wind farms

Harbour cranes, overhead cranes, ramps

Production and installation of ship and harbour ramps

Production of individual components of hulls and waterborne vehicles

Production and assembly of waterborne vehicles