Preliminary design, basic engineering design, detailed designs, process engineering design, feasibility studies, building permit design

Rail infrastructure for the metro, railways, industrial railways and trams: civil structures, railway stations, open-line tracks, highway level crossings, tram track beds

Analysis and design of insulation solutions for industrial processes

Falsework design

Design of industrial systems facilities

Electric systems; electric power systems: primary and secondary circuits

Basic designs, gas and oil processing, oil and gas sector design

Enclosed structures in the “design, build & furnish” system

Design of electric power supply and lighting systems

Design of HV, MV and LV buried power lines

Design of HV, MV and LV overhead power lines

Design of lighting for roads, streets and squares; design of traffic lights

Design of septic systems

Design of data and phone wiring

BPBK – comprehensive design studies for environmental engineering systems