Polish Construction Expansion in Sweden

On 19 June 2017, the team consisting of representatives of organizations associating Polish entrepreneurs interested in conducting business in Sweden inaugurated its activities. The team has a task to prepare a pilot project implemented on the Swedish housing market by Polish construction businesses.

The subject of the collaboration will be:

  • to recommend a company or a consortium of Polish construction companies which guarantee high quality services for the implementation of a construction project in Sweden, and to enable the company or consortium to take part in the tender procedure; and
  • to develop materials to make it easier for Polish construction companies to participate in tendering procedures organised by municipal companies providing apartments for rent in Sweden.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction will have the following main partners in the project: The Ministry of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Kingdom of Sweden with the support of SABO – Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies, and Framtiden, considered to be the largest provider of housing to the public register of apartments for rent in Sweden. Polish entities are already active on the Swedish construction market, as they offer their services through subcontracting. The project aims at preparing and promoting Polish entities as general contractors on the Swedish market.

The Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters is represented by Jan Mikołuszko, President of the Board of PCOCE.

Other organisations invited to work in the team to prepare the project: Lublin Enterprise Cluster, Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications, Eastern Construction Cluster, Wielkopolska Chamber of Construction, Silesian Chamber of Construction, Pomeranian-Kujawian Chamber of the Construction Industry, Lubuskie Chamber of Construction, Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster, Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Confederation Lewiatan, Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers, SEC Cluster, Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters, Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Innovator Świętokrzysko-Podkarpacki Construction Cluster, Chamber of Construction Design, Polish Chamber of Commerce and Business Centre Club.