Galeria Północna awarded use permit

Galeria Północna in Warsaw has been awarded an official use permit. Unibep SA implemented the whole project for GTC. This is the largest enclosed building to be built by Unibep SA ever. Leszek Gołąbiecki, the President of the Board of Unibep SA says, “Not only is this great news, but also a appreciation of the collaboration between the general contractor, subcontractors, architects, designers etc.”

Built in Białołęka in Warsaw, Galeria Północna is the first shopping and entertainment centre of a new generation. The project took record-breaking 25 moths to build, counting from the moment the Building Permit was granted. The crew of Unibep SA, the General Contractor, consisted of 55 to 65 engineers, depending on the project stage. Unibep’s engineers managed an army of people working with the subcontractors. This amounted to 700-800 people during the RC works, only to increase to approx. 1200 on-site workers.  At the moment the number of works peaked, almost 2 thousand people worked on the site of Galeria Północna, including the subcotractors’ workers.

Being the centre of fourth generation, the construction of Galeria Północna, was started in the mid-2015 in the north of Warsaw. Customers will get about 64 thousand sq. m of commercial area and more than 2 thousand parking spaces. More than 750 thousand people, mostly the youths or families with children, live in the immediate vicinity of Galeria Północna. Among the chief attractions of Galeria Północna is the first green roof in Warsaw to feature a beautiful garden for leisure activities close to nature, recreational areas such as a skate-park and outdoor gym, a bicycle park and a two-wheeler repair station, and numerous amenities for families with children like family rooms, restrooms adapted to the needs of young customers, a playground and a child zone at the food court. The facility will be also furnished with one of the best monitored and safest car parks amongst all shopping centres in Warsaw.

It is worth mentioning that the foundation stone for the project was laid in September 2015, and already in the following year, in September 2016, the Project Owner, General Contractor and all those involved in the works at the mall took part in the topping-out party.

“I feel great joy when I am looking at Galeria Północna today. We are satisfied with both the time and quality of the job done. First of all, let me thank the Project Owner for the trust to select the Unibep SA offer two years ago, and secondly, for the support we gave to each other throughout the project”, states Leszek Gołąbiecki, the President of the Board of Unibep SA.

The official opening of Galeria Północna is to take place on 14 September.

Further information: Wojciech Jarmołowicz,  Phone: 604 418 848