German market in focus at breakfast

The Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters, in cooperation with Jara Drapała & Partners, organised a business breakfast, whose main subject was

“What conditions do construction companies need to meet to enter the German market?”

The meeting was addressed to representatives of Polish construction companies planning to start business activity in Germany, or already operating on this market, yet struggling with legal or tax problems.

The hosts Mr. Marcin Chomiuk (JARA DRAPAŁA & PARTNERS), Ms. Dr. Urszula Skisowska, LL.M. (Gleiss Lutz) and Ms. Magdalena Zasiewska (JARA DRAPALAŁA & PARTNERS) coherently discussed such issues as:

  • registration and day-to-day running of business in Germany
  • secondment of workers to work
  • seconding Polish workers to Germany (tax and social security aspects)
  • responsibility for the minimum remuneration of subcontractors
  • contractual templates (VOB) used in the industry
  • German contractors failing to pay contractual remuneration for services provided
  • securing financial claims in the German territory
  • retaining the ownership right for a built-in material (goods) after an invoice is unpaid
  • tax aspects of business run in Germany

The attendees to the meeting included representatives of companies which are the Cluster’s Supporting Members, as well as companies interested in operating on the German market.

We invite you to take part in our oncoming meetings regarding export markets!