Industrial construction

Industrial construction

  • Complete power units
  • Process islands (boiler island)
  • Environment protection facilities, desox, denox, scrubbing
  • Trade effluent treatment
  • Air and process gas cleaning
  • Construction of industrial systems
  • Renting and sales of falsework systems
  • Production and storage of power
  • Power transmission and distribution
  • Automation and ICT
  • ECP services
  • EPC implementations in the gas & oil, petrochemicals and chemistry sector
  • Construction of oil wells and gas mines
  • LNG and CNG production facilities
  • Gas pumping
  • Underground gas warehouses
  • Oil tank from 1,000 m3 to 200,000 m3
  • Construction of large- and medium-sized high-pressure gas pipelines
  • Production plants and halls
  • Agricultural and food processing plants
  • Wind farms
  • Logistics centres
  • Industrial electric power supply lines
  • High-, medium- and low-pressure gas pipelines
  • Oil transmission pipelines
  • Storage tanks for liquid fuels

Turn-key implementation of power supply projects for the following clients:

  • CHP stations
  • power plants
  • heating stations

Construction and modernisation of environment protection systems:

  • flue gas desulphurisation systems
  • scrubbing systems

Construction and modernisation of water treatment stations, including:

  • process units/li>
  • water demineralisation
  • membrane technologies
  • distilling equipment
  • decarbonising
  • flocculation and coagulation
  • filtration
  • iron and manganese removal

Construction and modernisation of waste disposal plants, including:

  • waste incineration boilers
  • electricity generation from biogas
  • fuel production from waste
  • sludge dryers

Renovations and modernisations of:

  • power units
  • steam, hot water and oil-fired boilers with auxiliary equipment

Industrial services:

  • diagnostics (supported by a network-based computer diagnostic system)
  • monitoring the condition of machinery and processing lines
  • inspections and maintenance
  • ongoing repairs, removal of defects and faults
  • planning and conducting renovation works
  • technical assistance

Diagnostics and technical inspections:

  • Pre-fabrication of large-size furnaces
  • Pre-fabrication of structural steelwork and piping
  • Engineering, procurement and construction of petrochemical systems and related systems
  • Structural steelwork for mining industry
  • Structural steelwork for telecommunications
  • Structural steelwork for car dealerships and parking lots
  • Radio masts and towers, power transmission towers
  • Supply of devices and elements for electric power equipment modernisation
  • Technical and conceptual analysis; feasibility study; technical consulting
  • Comprehensive insulation solutions for processes; anti-corrosion treatment; passive fire protection systems; HVAC
  • Preparation of process water
  • Closing water and sewage facilities
  • Waste neutralisation
  • Package execution of investment projects – construction, structural and mechanical-assembly works
  • Performance and power management
  • EPC services and the following additional scopes of works: shell works; commercial facade finish supply, including ventilated and aluminium facades; PVC joinery and aluminium metal joinery supply; finishing works
  • Gas and oil processing systems
  • Gas cleaning systems
  • Pressure regulating and metering station
  • Construction of large- and medium-sized high-pressure gas pipelines
  • Anti-corrosion treatment
  • For Owners and Investors: concepts, technical reports, environmental requirements studies, feasibility studies, building permit designs and obtaining building permits, technical specifications for investment implementation tenders, technical support for the investor during tender procedure, owner representation services during implementation of investment project
  • For EPC contractors: preparation of bills of quantities and schedules of values of works, and complete budget price offers for investment project implementation; technical support during tender procedure; front-end engineering designs for all trades; building permit designs and obtaining building permits; detailed designs for all trades; shop drawings and specifications; as-built designs; on-site design supervision during investment project implementation – Energoprojekt Katowice
  • Production plants and halls
  • Agricultural and food processing plants
  • Agricultural production facilities
  • High bay warehouses