Environment protection infrastructure in complete investment cycle.

Fields of activity

Environment protection infrastructure in complete investment cycle:

  • Water treatment plants for consumption and industrial applications.
  • Water desalination plants.
  • Municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants.
  • Construction of conveyance systems and water pipelines.
  • Design and construction of “zero discharge” industrial water management systems.
  • Municipal solid waste disposal plants.
  • Construction of ash removal systems in coal-based power industry.
  • Mechanical systems and HVAC for buildings.

Export activity

Strong market position in Poland is the basis for growth of export, so that tried and tested technology can be applied in other countries in competitive environments. The Group targets the regions with high demand for its products, i.e. countries that need to modernise and expand their environment protection infrastructure.

SEEN Holding conducts active marketing in Iran, and actively examines the environment protection infrastructure markets in:

  • Georgia,
  • Moldova,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • Belarus,
  • Russia,
  • Ukraine.

Basic information

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