PORR S.A. belongs to the PORR AG group. PORR concern has been present on the construction market since 1869. It is one of the biggest construction companies in Austria and one of the leading companies in Europe. The company has numerous representative offices in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe; moreover, it is also expanding its activity in the Middle East, mainly in Qatar.

Fields of activity

PORR has been providing construction services in Poland since 1987 and has been represented by two main companies: PORR Polska Construction S.A. and PORR Polska Infrastructure S.A. PORR Polska Construction S.A. focused on railway construction and commercial, industrial or commercial buildings, whereas PORR Polska Infrastructure S.A. specialised in transport infrastructure, energy construction and hydraulic engineering. In 2016, the Board of Directors of the PORR Group decided to merge the Polish construction companies into one entity, which in result strengthened the synergy between the activities of the whole team and enabled them to fully use their potential and know-how. Since April 2017 the Company has been operating on the Polish market as PORR S.A. Thanks to the merger, it offers a full range of services in the whole country. The company also  conducts operations in German and Norwegian markets.

Main areas of business activity:

  • infrastructural construction,
  • civil engineering,
  • commercial, industrial and commercial buildings,
  • railway engineering,
  • energy construction,
  • hydraulic construction.
  • employment agency – job centre, temporary jobs.

Export activity

Tresfjord Bridge – Norway,

Loftnesnes Bridge – Norway,

Varod Bridge – Norway.

Basic information

  • PORR S.A. 
    Hołubcowa 123
    Warsaw 02-854
  • +48 (22) 266 99 00
  • fax +48 
  • centrala@porr.pl
  • porr.pl

Selected projects