For nearly 70 years, the Białystok University of Technology has been training engineers whose skills and expertise are of great value to both Polish and foreign companies. The University is also involved in fruitful cooperation with the business sector.

One of the most important tasks of the Białystok University of Technology is to act as a bridge between science and industry. This cooperation is a fundamental factor that promotes the development of both science centres and industrial organisations operating in a modern knowledge-based economy. Collaboration in the execution of projects whose results are of great benefit to the industry sector inspires the research staff to choose the most desirable areas for their scientific pursuits. It also provides additional financial support for the development of laboratory and research facilities.

Cooperation between universities and the industry ensures the development of innovative technological solutions.

The multi-faceted nature of the Białystok University of Technology is a source of unlimited opportunities for promoting growth, both for the University and its collaborators from the business sector. Feel free to contact us to start innovative projects together.

Basic information

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